The International Coach Federation (ICF) is the world’s largest organisation of professionally trained coaches. ICF certified coaches are adept in coaching competencies that give the clients a great outcome & experience out of coaching. ICF coaches also follow the ethics of coaching & can be trusted to give a safe place for their clients to grow.

In the 2017 Global Consumer Awareness Study by ICF, increased productivity, self esteem & communication were the most cited outcomes by Clients(42%) through Coaching.

The competencies defined by ICF for coaching differentiate Coaching from Consulting, Mentoring, Counselling & Therapy. Hence coaching is non-prescriptive, non-advisory, non-judgemental & non-therpeutic. If you are looking for your leadership team to define their own solutions for their individual & group growth to take on greater responsibilities & shine in their role, this is the right coaching for you.

Below are Gravitas coaches who are ICF certified:

Priya Venkatesan, ACC