Building Resilience

Build Strong Team & Organization With Resilience

Times of unprecedented change requires Resilience-Building Skills

During disruptive times it is challenging just to keep the operational side of the business running. It takes intentional & deliberate action for individuals and organizations to develop resilience and manage their energy to continue presenting their best self and do what is necessary to be done.

Here are some 3 steps that you and your team can take to build resilience, broaden your perspective, and become more adaptable to change.

1. Reappraisal- Shift Your Perspective

One of the most helpful tools in building resilience as a leader is to reappraise a situation that triggers stress. When you feel in your gut that you’re overwhelmed, threatened, or in conflict, think about other ways to frame the situation. Positive self-talk is incredibly powerful when leading in uncertainty or difficult situations.

Reappraisal requires evaluating a situation from a different perspective and asking what else could be going on. For example, if a valued staff member resigns, you might focus on the loss, or you can choose to reframe it as a chance to hire new talent.

You can ask yourself: “What can I learn from this situation?” and “What might be missing from my interpretation of this situation?”

2. Practise Acceptance.

Stress, pain and changes are a part of living. We cannot control much of what will happen to us in life. It’s more helpful to accept the reality of pain, rather than repress or deny it. This is not about giving-up, it is about acknowledging pain.

The aim of acceptance is to avoid the ‘why me’ paradigm. To accept that times of hardship are part of living. There is meaning in the suffering. TT Rangarajan beautifully explains the virtue of acceptance in this short video

3. Explore the Power of Positivity

Research by Barbara Fredrickson and others has demonstrated that positivity helps people recover from setbacks. When you are in positive state of mind, you think more broadly than when you’re in negative state of mind.

So, look for the good in any situation. Savour your feelings of joy and positivity so that they last. Anand Mahindra in this video suggests Keeping a gratitude journal where you note the 3-5 things you are most grateful for on a daily basis is great way to build your positive currency. Giving thanks will actually make you a better leader.

Positive emotions can build sources of resilience that you can have in reserve when facing adversity at work.

We need resilience not just at work, but also for the personal front, to have the inner strength to handle all that life can throw at us — divorce, losses, illnesses, and unexpected change.

Building resilience as a leader gives you the flexibility and adaptability to bounce back and be at your best self.

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